The facial prosthesis is a method

The facial prosthesis is a method of choice to replace missing hard and soft orofacial tissues. As an example, Dental implant support raises the confidence of the patient in public. The contribution’s goal is to analyze patients with orbital surgical defects systematically. Multidisciplinary therapy involves the following disciplines: ophthalmology, maxillofacial surgery, implantology, and prosthodontics. Midfacial defects can be divided into two major categories: midline midfacial defects, including the nose, and upper lip lateral defects, including the cheek and the orbital contents. The choice between surgical reconstruction and prosthetic restoration of large facial defects remains a difficult one and depends on the size and etiology of the defect, as well as on the wishes of the patient. The development and application of osseointegrated implants to facial defects has, in part, changed patient perceptions of facial prosthetics. Implants allow convenient and secure prosthesis positioning, leading to greater patient acceptance. A retrospective review will be performed on patients who had undergone reconstruction of the facial prosthesis from 2005 to 2010. Case reports evaluate step-by-step material and methods, including implant insertion. There are three diagnoses indicated for surgical treatment including oncological, traumatological diagnoses, and genetic and obtained disorders. Surgical and prosthodontic rehabilitation aims to replace missing soft and hard facial structures, rehabilitation of body handicaps and social problems, and quality of life.

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