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Miracare is a medical technology company that develops and manufactures customized maxillofacial prosthesis for patients in need of external facial augmentation due to accident, cancer, or congenital defects. Miracare has developed a software application that captures detailed images of the patients face allowing them to construct an accurate prosthetic using CAD software. Miracare then uses 3D printing technology combined with advanced manufacturing techniques to create a prosthesis that accurately matches the patient's skin color and texture, without the need for traditional casting and painting.  Miracare is uniquely positioned to play a leading role in advancing the manufacture of prosthesis due to their proprietary manufacturing technologies and color management systems.



There is perhaps nothing more traumatic than losing or damaging part of the face. The face is the first thing everyone sees, and it is what expresses our feelings, our personalities, our very selves. Therefore, defects will be replaced artificially with the provision of facial prostheses to provide functional rehabilitation and aesthetic improvements. This associated improvement in social, emotional status and overall quality of life. allowed them to continue with normal day to day activities and enhance their social interaction


At Miracare MediTec and by combining an affordable 3D image capture system and 3D printing techniques, we are delivering customized maxillofacial prosthetics with accurate skin colour with fine textures over a 3D shape, with significant savings in both time and cost.


In Miracare Meditec a new and innovative methods for manufacturing facial soft tissue prostheses that prioritises accurate 3D colour image reproduction have been developed and a framework and protocol for specific 3D processing designed. Additionally, colour management processing have been developed and successfully applied to 3D imaging devices and manufacturing processes.

miracer_technoloy flow chart_sanjari_02.21.2021

Our technology

Color 3D printing has been evolved to produce full spectrum-colored solid objects utilizing a range of materials. With the evolution of various 3D imaging techniques, accurate acquisition and transformation of target object geometric data into 3D digital models can be achieved. By combining the 3D image capture and printing techniques, there is huge potential to reach to the goal of “What you see is what you get”. it has the ability to directly interconnect with advanced manufacturing techniques, allowing customization with excellent accuracy resulting in savings of both time and costs. There has been the huge potential to develop the automatic additive manufacture technology for facial prosthetics.

Treatment procedure


Step 1

3D Image Acquisition

  • For face imaging, a laser system combined with a smartphone captures the images. That is, a safe laser line is projected on the subject’s face, while the smartphone records the scan process simultaneously.

Step 2

3D Image Reconstruction

  • The resulted video is imported into our dedicated software comprising the sophisticated and state- of- the- art algorithms developed by our expert AI team. The algorithms are embedded in our exclusive software to reconstruct the 3D model of the face and to create the absent organ that would be substituted.

Step 3

Missed Organ Modeling

  • Now, the AI detects and depicts the form and shape of the missing part of the face’s 3D model. The prosthetics 3d model is recreated and rendered in the highest compatibility with the appearance, structure, texture, and color of the user’s natural body skin.

Step 4

Antibacterial Material

  • Benefiting cutting-edge knowledge in material sciences, a team of chemists, biologists, and physicians have produced a novel compound with exclusive formulation, to which antimicrobial and antibacterial agents are added. Vital signs diagnosis sensors are imbedded in the final step.

Step 5

Prosthetic 3D Printing

  • The final model of the created organ is imported into the specialized 3D printer. Utilizing the engineered antimicrobial and antibacterial materials, the final prosthetic is printed with high and extreme compatibility with the end user’s skin.


Team members

Faran Faghigh
Dr. Faran Faghih
D.D.S.: CEO and Board of Director

Faran is a co-founder of Miracare who serves as the President and CEO of the company. Dr. Faghih holds Doctor of Dental Surgery and a board certified enthusiastic, career-oriented and talented dental professional with remarkable knowledge of dental care process, maxillofacial prosthetics, dental colour matching and procedures. With more than 20 years of experience in dentistry and managing projects and providing consultancy to research projects, Faran is responsible for day-to-day operations of the company.

Mozhgan Sangelaji
Mozhgan Mollaeisangelaji
CTO and Board of Director

Mozhgan hold an MBA and also Bachelor of computer software engineering which serves as Miracare Meditech’s CTO. She is a key team member of the company because of her strong background in both technical and management aspects of the business. She is an inspiring project manager with proven abilities in team management and product development who has continuously delivered strong results in cross-functional projects through effective business partnering, effective communication, and creative thinking skills.

Hooman Hoshi
Hooman Hoshi
CFO and Board of Director

Hooman has an extensive experience in finance, planning, accounting and risk management. As part of an executive management team, Hooman is a key member to the company. Because of outstanding leadership and communication skills, Hooman always provides an independent perspective and constructively challenge the technical and operational teams, ensuring that business decisions are grounded in solid financial criteria.

Mojgan Razazifar
COO and marketing manager and Board of Director

Mojgan is a passionate entrepreneur with an extensive experience in operation, sales and marketing. She has helped clients from different industries with innovative and cost-effective rehabilitation solutions. She also has a proven background for managing commercialization of innovative ideas.

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