Personalized prosthetics

by 3D printing

Saving in both time and cost

about us

Miracare is a medical technology company that develops and manufactures customized maxillofacial prosthesis for patients in need of external facial augmentation due to accident, cancer, or congenital defects. Miracare has developed a software application that captures detailed images of the patients face allowing them to construct an accurate prosthetic using CAD software. Miracare then uses 3D printing technology combined with advanced (Patented? Proprietary?) manufacturing techniques to create a prosthesis that accurately matches the patient's skin color and texture, without the need for traditional casting and painting.  Miracare is uniquely positioned to play a leading role in advancing the manufacture of prosthesis due to their proprietary manufacturing technologies and color management systems.



There is perhaps nothing more traumatic than losing or damaging part of the face. The face is the first thing everyone sees, and it is what expresses our feelings, our personalities, our very selves. Therefore, defects will be replaced artificially with the provision of facial prostheses to provide functional rehabilitation and aesthetic improvements. This associated improvement in social, emotional status and overall quality of life. allowed them to continue with normal day to day activities and enhance their social interaction


At Magnolia MediTec and by combining an affordable 3D image capture system and 3D printing techniques, we are delivering customized maxillofacial prosthetics with accurate skin colour with fine textures over a 3D shape, with significant savings in both time and cost.


In Magnolia Meditec a new and innovative methods for manufacturing facial soft tissue prostheses that prioritises accurate 3D colour image reproduction have been developed and a framework and protocol for specific 3D processing designed. Additionally, colour management processing have been developed and successfully applied to 3D imaging devices and manufacturing processes.

how does it work new

Our technology

Color 3D printing has been evolved to produce full spectrum-colored solid objects utilizing a range of materials. With the evolution of various 3D imaging techniques, accurate acquisition and transformation of target object geometric data into 3D digital models can be achieved. By combining the 3D image capture and printing techniques, there is huge potential to reach to the goal of “What you see is what you get”. it has the ability to directly interconnect with advanced manufacturing techniques, allowing customization with excellent accuracy resulting in savings of both time and costs. There has been the huge potential to develop the automatic additive manufacture technology for facial prosthetics.

Treatment procedure

Step 1

3D image acquisition

  • In image acquisition, first three cameras are used to calculate stereo correspondence. Then, projecting infrared speckle patterns over the target surface is used to create a 3D depth map of the scanned surface.

Step 2

3D image design

  • The main purpose of this step is to reduce artifacts of the captured image and also generating the missing part of the face.

Step 3

Color management

  • To achieve an accurate color reproduction through the 3D imaging devices, specific color profiles have been developed in order to link the color system of a specific device to the generated model.

Step 4

Color texture mapping

  • At Miracare, height field mapping (CAD design process) can be used to translate the texture reference image onto a geometric pattern. Height field mapping is a method of translating fine 2D images onto 3D geometric virtual models. This is based on white (high) and black (low) greyscale texture reference mapping, and can be applied to map representative texturing to the appropriate areas of the facial model.


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